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I had wanted to do a height chart with Streak (Now she has a name haha!) and Swerve. And she’s a big bot. 

I want to go into detail with her, but i’ll save that when i finish her profile (gonna use this one for her full body because damn she’s hard for me to draw haha) Truth be told she was suppose to be my persona.. but i think i’ll stray from that XD;; 

But here’s the height differences, she’s some little one seater vehicle with glowing lights under her hood. >3 (if you can tell i like pink.)

kk now to finish her head turnaround and weapon. 

  1. sketchytychou said: I really like the body type you picked for her and all the little dabbles of pink every where. She’s not really a big bot, she’s just bigger than Swerve who is a short bot. And they are kind of adorable and amusing together. Love her!
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