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Hi Fly~! How are you doing~? ;;//u//;; it's been a while~ TT//U//TT <3

Hey lil’Red yes its been a while. 

Pretty good now that i have internet back again. Now i’m able to keep tabs and catch up on things. (i have so much to catch up on. TF:Dark Cybertron, Trying Human (web comic), Black Box (new series),) And a lot more i can’t remember at the moment. And looking for a car and a new job to get out of the one i’m starting to get angry about. XD

What about you Red? I see you falling for a lot of new series i think i booked marked to look at later. (expecially that red head muscle man CX)

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While in my wild sketching spree yesterday I had an itch to draw Acro’s CameraBirds! 

I really love these little (well they’re not really little lol) fella’s. For the three flying images i looked at a bit of reference to understand wings (because i’m not very good with how wings go or animals grr). I’m really proud of the one that’s sitting on a wire cable (he shouldn’t be able too because i think they’re a lot bigger) but he’s suppose to be preening. (but they’re not actual feathers, they’re synthetic i believe. Like a Cybertronians soft metal faces that allow expression?) If you want to learn more about them go visit the lovely’s deviantart/tumblr page to understand them.

Curious little buggers. Need to sketch one trying to record ants marching lol!

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life of an artist

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Wow I’m on a roll with sketching here! After a few hours of sleep ill get to properly scan them! Three of my oc’s Flow, Orchid, and Minibug.

#Oc #sketch #transformers #tfp #femmes #tf

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Moments like this makes me glad I can draw out my obsessions and OTPs, especially when your OTP isn’t a popular one 8D

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"How can you call yourself a warrior when you’re shooting like that? Let me show you…"

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More Marks! 

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Things I thought about on the bus today

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IDW main graffiti fan book
mail order start!